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In quest of the sin of Sodom

12 Feb

Do you know what “sodomy” means?

The first definition found at say “sodomy” means “anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex.”  Whoa!!!  Did I copy that correctly?!  Yep, I certainly did!  “With the opposite sex”!  So, when heterosexuals engage in oral and anal copulation – yes, some men have anal intercourse with women, and some women strap on artificial phalluses in order to enable the men with whom they’re copulating to experience anal intercourse as well – they are engaging in sodomy.

The second definition is closer to what one would expect it to be:  “copulation with a member of the same sex.”  Now, this is interesting in that we normally think of sodomy as something only men do with each other; but this definition doesn’t restrict the identification of the act to men alone; so, apparently, what women do with each other in terms of copulation can also be termed “sodomy.”

The third definition is “bestiality” – humans having sex with animals.

The Cultural Dictionary at the site referenced above sums it up by saying that sodomy is “sexual intercourse that is not the union of the genital organs of a man and a woman.  The term is most frequently applied to anal intercourse between two men or to sexual relations between people and animals.”

I go into this detail about the definition of the term sodomy, because by the end of my quest, I believe I will be prepared to propose an additional definition for “sodomy” that actually has nothing to do with sex but that has everything to do with the way human beings relate to one another.  I further believe that my additional definition of sodomy comes closer to what was going on in the ancient city from which it takes its name than do any of the definitions currently associated with the word.  We’ll see if I can make good on my prognostications!